2014 Ride #1 (Return to the House of Watts)

My lungs have felt like absolute crap since I got back from Phoenix; it is absolutely unreal just how bad the air quality is in and around the Wasatch Front right now. Slight storm last night cleared out the worst of it, but a little too cold, wet, icy & salty out on the roads, so headed back up to the House of Watts for my first ride of the New Year. Today’s workout was supposed to be a 2-hour High Tempo Ouch (really, that’s the name of the workout), but my legs and lungs could only handle about 80 minutes.

Doesn’t matter though; it’s miles in the legs, and it’s work towards weight loss and fitness … and some miles are better than no miles.

Current weight: 207.2 lbs (94 kg).
2014 mileage: 16.8 miles (27.04 km).