2013 Ride #59 (Res Loops x 3)

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Felt like crap on the first loop, but knew I needed to do some more work since I was scheduled for a 2 hour medium endurance ride, and didn’t do yesterday’s scheduled ride. Felt better on the second loop (albeit slower), but was still shy of the workout goal by 40 minutes, so I decided to do a third. Felt like crap on the third again … but I got in my two hours on what is likely the flattest loop around in a town with “Hills” in the name.

I also had to wear arm warmers and knee warmers today (depressing, I know … it was only 55 degrees!); but the sun was out and it still felt good to be out in it. I kinda sorta feel sorry for those stuck in SLC pedaling inside.

Neck & back are really sore, but I’m pretty sure it’s from the crap rollaway bed (little more than a cot) that my mom has me sleeping on … I think I may need to fold it up and just sleep on the floor; it will be a lot firmer, which is generally what I like.