2013 Ride #58 (Reservation Recovery Loop)

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Good thing today was a recovery day, because my legs didn’t have much more in them. Usually, it’s a struggle for me to keep my heart rate below 150-something. Today, I maxed out at 145 and my overall average was 129. Yes, the schedule did say to go easy, and I went as easy as I possibly could, but I don’t think I could have gone any harder unless my life depended on it.

4 days, 93.44 miles

Day off tomorrow, both because that’s what my adjusted schedule says, and because it’s supposed to rain. I’ll take the opportunity to stay dry and rest up a little bit before getting back to it on Saturday, Sunday and next week.

Did get to see this magnificent creature stalking a rabbit today … I’m not sure sure if I should feel happy for distracting the bobcat and saving the rabbit from being eaten; or sad that I denied the big kitteh from a tasty meal.

Bobcat ... looking for dinner, until I distracted it.
Bobcat … looking for dinner, until I distracted it.