2013 Ride #56 (Reservation Loops)

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Two loops through the reservation (the bigger loop on the map), up the false flat on Beeline and Shea, and then back up Saguaro Blvd. Legs felt heavy, and had some problems breathing on the first lap. Felt a little better on the second lap (even though Strava tells me my times were better on the first lap), but didn’t want to overdo it. I felt really good yesterday, which surprised me since I spent all day driving on Sunday … I think the fatigue I was expecting yesterday caught up with me today.

My training plan from Dave Harward at Plan 7 Endurance Coaching has me set for a recovery ride tomorrow and off the bike on Thursday … not sure I want to take any days off the bike just yet … depending on what the family plans are, will probably take the day off on Christmas Day, so perhaps two recovery rides instead …