2013 Ride #55 (Base Camp-Needle Rock)

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First decent ride outside in quite a while … and you know what? It’s amazing what clean air, warm temperatures and being 3000 feet lower in elevation can do. I actually felt pretty good on the bike. I’m sure that the few workouts that I’ve put in thus far at the Plan 7 House of Watts has something to do with that, since I know that I would be able to experience pain and push through it.

And believe me, it was really nice being able to ride outside in shorts and a short-sleeve jersey … in fact, I almost wished that I hadn’t put on a base layer under the jersey, it was so nice out.

The Base Camp goal is 12-14 days on the bike, around 2-hours per day to build an endurance base; today’s ride was 1:53 moving time (2:15 total, since I stopped to take a few pictures and to take a “nature” break), avg. HR 152, Max 172, avg. cadence of 77, 28.8 miles. 300 miles for the trip will be good. 400 miles will be outstanding. 500 miles will be fucking awesome. Of course, my friend Alex is pushing for me to hit 500, but we’ll have to see how the body reacts … that would have to be 35+ miles/day for 14 consecutive days.

I’m off to a good start for 400 miles, though, and 300 should not be a problem as long as I continue to feel good.