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December 2013

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2013 Ride #64 (Reservation Recovery Loop)

View Larger Map Last ride outside for 2013, I think … driving home tomorrow, and I expect that the inversion will be horrid on Tuesday in the 801. 2 weeks, 10 rides, 255.75 miles. I…

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2013 Ride #63 (Needle Rock-Yavapai Gravel Grind)

View Larger Map My Arizona Base Camp trip is coming to an end for 2013 … today, tomorrow, and then I’m driving home on Monday, back to the cold, back to the smog, back to…

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2013 Ride #62 (Rio Verde-Yavapai Gravel Grind)

View Larger Map Same ride as on the 23rd … just little bit quicker (except on the dirt road itself). So much for doing a recovery ride; guess that will have to happen tomorrow.

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2013 Ride #61 (Needle Rock Turkey Burn)

View Larger Map Out … back … spent half the ride racing a flat tire (not caused by Monday’s gravel grind, since that was done on my clincher wheels … today was back on the…

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2013 Ride #60 (Rio Verde-Res, with a gravel grind)

View Larger Map Wanted to do a little gravel grind today, so instead of turning left at Rio Verde and heading out to Needle Rock, I turned right into the farm at the north end…

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USAC officiating; for love or for money?

One of the online mailing lists that I subscribe to is for USAC officials; primarily it’s used for discussions of rule and how they should be interpreted in certain situations when acting as judge or…