2013 Ride #43 (Pinecrest + Sheffield Loop)

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Felt pretty good today, so decided to give Emigration Canyon a go … almost made it to the first switchback at Pinecrest before I had to stop and catch my breath. Pretty sure that’s the highest I’ve made it without stopping. Also set a new personal record from the base of the canyon to Pinecrest, beating my old record (set just 51 weeks ago) by 16 seconds. I call that progress.

One of these days I’ll make it to Pinecrest; then to the second switchback, and then finally to the summit without having to stop and get my HR back down and wind back in my lungs. Obviously, my time would have been even better had I not stopped for a minute or so a couple hundred meters from the turnaround point.

Back down the canyon then to the Nemesis and the rest of the Sheffield Loop and home. Now lunch, stage 7 of that race in Colorado, perhaps a nap, then dinner with friends later. Today is a good day.