2013 Ride #43 (Pinecrest + Sheffield Loop)

View Larger Map Felt pretty good today, so decided to give Emigration Canyon a go … almost made it to the first switchback at Pinecrest before I had to stop and catch my breath. Pretty sure that’s the highest I’ve made it without stopping. Also set a new personal record from the base of the […]

2013 Ride #40 (Sheffield Half-Loop)

View Larger Map Meh. Started off okay, but couldn’t breathe as I got into it. Big asthma attack coming out of Parley’s Crossing. Plugged the plug and headed home. Tomorrow is another day.

Reflections on Tour of Utah TV coverage

I’m super happy that the Tour of Utah is getting more television coverage every year, especially live coverage in HD … but there are issues which need to be addressed. Local “talent” Steve Brown (of KJZZ) was calling Slyfox Moonwillow the Ski Utah Yeti on the Stage 5 TV coverage … sigh. Not only is […]