2013 Ride #24 (Emigration-Pinecrest + Sheffield Loop)

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First ride since Dave Harward at Plan 7 Endurance Coaching did a position check and cleat adjustments for me earlier this week; and for the first time in a long time I had a ride without any knee pain or low back pain. It’s amazing what a few millimetres here and there can do. One of the changes was raising my saddle and moving it forward a touch; I think about 3mm higher and 6mm forward; so my calf muscles are feeling some sensations they haven’t felt in awhile as they’re being stretched out a bit more than usual.

No PRs today, but I did feel like my pedal stroke was smoother, and for much of the ride I seemed to comfortably be in one cog taller than usual; which means that it can only get better as my body adjusts to the new position.

Thinking about riding the Bear Lake Monster Cross (the 60-mile option) on June 29; two weeks before the Crusher in the Tushar. Will be a nice little tune-up to give me an idea of just how much the Crusher is going to hurt.