2013 Ride #11 (Sheffield Loop)

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It’s not the first time I’ve done this loop, and it certainly won’t be the last either … but it’s the first time this year that I actually felt pretty good throughout the ride, except when doing the Sheffield’s Nemesis section in Parley’s Crossing. I even got called out by Seth Bradley (of DNA Cycling) for standing under a bridge gasping for air. Oh, the shame … but you know what? After feeling as shitty as I did the past couple of weekends, I’ll take it.

Perfect weather, upper 60s … just a hint of chill in the air when the sun went behind a cloud or in a shady area, but still warm enough for shorts and short sleeves. This is one of my two favorite times of year; sprinter is over, summer is not yet here, and the air is clean. If the weather could be like this year round, I’d be pretty stoked about it (except mid-winter, when I’d want to be skiing).

If all goes well, I still feel as good tomorrow (or perhaps even better still?) and can do a little more climbing. 70 days until the Crusher, and I definitely need to work on my climbing, probably even more so than my dirt skills (which are practically non-existent).