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2013 Ride #7 (Crusher Bike Shakeout Ride)

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It’s a good thing that UTCX will likely not be going back to Wheeler Farm, because the management (Parks & Rec, I assume) is ripping the hell out of the land. See all those trees along the east side of the park in the long skinny section paralleling Vinecrest? All gone … nothing left but a bunch of HUGE piles of bark and chipped wood and sand. The park looks like crap right now, and I can’t imagine what they’re going to be doing to “improve” it.

Of course, the reason why I went over to Wheeler Farm was to give my Crusher bike a shakeout ride, now that I’ve retrieved it (and newish parts) from the shop. Got in about a half-hour of rolling time, just shy of 6 miles, before flatting my rear tire. Since I didn’t have a spare tube or sealant with me, I chose to call it a day at that point.

Now I just have to figure out what wheel/tire combo I want to use for Crusher itself in 3 months. Wonder if I can talk the Reynolds or Enve guys into “lending” me a nice light set of carbon wheels, to see how they hold under 220 lbs of rider and bike on gravel & washboarded roads.