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2012 Ride #49 (Fountain Hills-Needle Rock)

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First ride of the 2012 Arizona training “camp” … 30 miles, pristine roads, 1300 feet of vertical (not a lot for an area called Fountain Hills), and my heart rate was skyrocketing for good chunks of the ride. Isn’t it supposed to be easier to breathe at lower elevations? Considering that it was the first ride in nearly a month, some suffering is to be expected, but compared to my times last year, I still set several personal records on various Strava segments on some of the shorter, steeper climbs, so that’s a good thing.

Picked up a goathead while in the Tonto National Forest … thankfully I had a can of Vittoria Pit Stop with me to seal the puncture and reinflate the tire to get me home … that stuff is a lifesaver.

2 Comments on "2012 Ride #49 (Fountain Hills-Needle Rock)"

  1. Oh, I’ll get you for this. I was riding in long sleeves and leg warmers through water, slush and snow today. Still, you know what? It didn’t suck nearly as much as not riding at all.

    Give my regards to the McDowell Mountain Mob. I may be down that way in January or February.

    • I’ve never heard of the McDowell Mountain Mob … is there really such a thing?

      And believe me, I’ll be back in Salt Lake City soon enough, wishing for warm, dry weather to go for a pedal … but when it’s not, and the inversion gets bad, I’ll head up a canyon and strap planks to my feet and hurl myself off the top of a mountain a few times.

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