2012 Ride #45 (UTCX #8 – Cross Out Cancer)

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The day did not start off well. Glued up new tires last night (big mistake, I’m sure) and promptly flatted my rear tire so badly that even 2 bottles of Stan’s sealant wouldn’t make it ridable; and since I still ride 9-speed Campy, my skinsuit adventure almost seemed over before it began … until Facebook stepped in with several offers of wheels, bikes, etc.

Yep, once I made my goal of raising $1,000.00 for the Huntsman Cancer Institute, there was not a chance that anyone would let me out of my promise to kit up and “race”.


5 laps. Only got lapped by Thomas Cooke 3 times. Didn’t get lapped by Mark Albrecht until the middle of my third lap (thanks, in no small part I’m sure, to a mechanical on his part). Was not dead last, thanks to Jon Argyle letting me win the sprint … and thanks to Jon for sticking with me throughout the entire race, even if I did have to stare at his Speedo-clad ass for most of it.

Thanks to Ronnie Boutte & John Thomas for the heckling, to everyone who donated (by the way, it’s not too late … you can still donate to this excellent cause) to make this happen, and to all the spectators for the support. It was worth every bit of the pain and embarrassment..

Most especially, thank you to Seth Bradley, Joe Sepulveda & DNA Cycling for the skinsuit and the use of Matt “Bronco” Bradley’s bike … it was a privilege and an honor.