2012 Ride #43 (UTCX #6 pre-ride)

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I figured that since I’m racing at Cross Out Cancer next weekend at Wheeler Farm, I should probably turn the pedals over once or twice on the ‘cross bike before I get my ass handed to me.

Of course, I will still be getting my ass handed to me, but at least I turned the pedals over.

Big Cottonwood Sports Complex, in Murray, is a new venue for UTCX, and from what I heard today, it’s going to be a popular one. Long laps, lots of grass, technical turns (including a leafy, off-camber downhill turn), sand pits. Definitely a course for power riders, but power riders with skills, not a pure roadie course, and definitely not a mountain bikers singletrack delight.

Don’t forget, I’m still accepting donations to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

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