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Kit up, buttercup

People keep telling me how much they want to see me kit up and “race” at this year’s Cross Out Cancer event … well, if I’m going to kit up, then I need you to pay up.

Please help me support the Huntsman Cancer Foundation by donating through the link below. My goal is to raise at least $1000; but more is better … and I’ll guarantee you at least 2 laps.

Quite frankly, cancer sucks.

I’ve lost several family members to the disease (lung, pancreatic, and kidney). I have several friends who have lost family members. I have other friends who have battled the disease themselves.

It’s time to stop it … and that’s why I’m joining the rest of the Utah Cyclocross community in trying to raise funds for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation through the UTCX Cross Out Cancer event.

So here’s the deal. If I raise $1000, I’ll kit-up and “race” with the 35+ A men at this year’s event (minimum 2 laps). For every $500 on top of that, I’ll ride another lap, or die trying … but the money will already be getting put to good use at the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

I ride for Mom Nina, Gramma, Grampa, Righty, TMAC, Jeff Bates, Art’s Mom, Theresa’s Mom, Cindy Y., Jen H., Pepe, and countless others.

PS: I’ve even had multiple offers of skinsuits to wear. Some people must really want to see me squeeze into that sausage casing … this could be a once in a lifetime chance to see that!

So give! Give lots!

UTCX ‘Cross Out Cancer 2012 – Steven L. Sheffield’s Donation Page

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