2012 Ride #29 (Personal Records, Baby!)

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Finally broke an hour for climbing Emigration! 51:04 rolling, 56:58 total on that Strava segment. The whole ride would have been longer, because I was actually feeling pretty good today, but flatted on the descent of Parley’s on I-80, and wasn’t confident in how well my spare tubular would a) hold air, and b) stay on the rim with only residual glue, so decided discretion was the better part of valor and headed for home after getting off the freeway.

Still pretty damn stoked about the Emigration climb though … I had a feeling while I was climbing that I was going to break an hour, but did not anticipate by as much as I did.

Now to glue up a new rear tire (my last … now I really am going to have to buy some more), and rest-up for tomorrow’s ride.