2012 Ride #21 (Sheffield Loop)

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Knocked another 5 minutes off my PR today. Legs felt really dead to start, but loosened up some. Bike felt like I had the rear brake on the whole time; but nothing wrong there. Maybe it just felt like I was slogging because I was pushing myself a little harder than normal. Who knows … who cares. I’m enjoying my time on the bike. Now I just need to convince myself to either a) get up earlier during the week so I can commute by bike) or b) make myself go for a ride or two during the week after I get home from work.

Taking this next week off work to chase the Tour of Utah around, like I have for the past several years … heading up to Ogden on Monday to pick up my credentials and for the team presentation; think I’ll take the bike up with me and try to find a decent 20-30 mile road ride up there as long as I’m making the trip.