2012 Ride #18 (Chamois Time is Training Time)

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9 hours in the chamois today … only about 90 minutes on the bike though. Rode up to the Sugarhood to go to brunch at Finca with a great friend, then over to Beehive to hang out for a little bit, then to the warehouse for the final Tour stage on the big screen (and to collect my podium girl kiss for kicking ass in the Cutthroat Racing TDF game), then finally back home … legs and lungs were not so good for the last leg home, but I guess it’s pretty hard to ride, then rest, then ride, then rest, then ride, then rest for a few hours, then ride again all in the same day. Plus, it was fucking hot on the way home, and I had a heavy pack on my back.

But I rode, and that’s what’s most important.