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2012 Ride #11 (First Emigration Attempt)

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First attempt of Emigration Canyon for 2012. Made it further up the canyon than I thought I would (I thought Ruth’s or Camp K might be a stretch), but not quite as far as I wanted to (first switchback at Pinecrest) … but I’m okay with that, especially considering how hot it was today. It was a matter of setting little goals; first, make it to the zoo, then to Ruth’s, then to the end of the chip-seal section, then to the fire station, then to the upper end of Pioneer Ridge Road. Couldn’t quite make it to Sun & Moon or beyond, though.

Legs felt okay, lungs not so much, and heart rate was not cooperating; had a lot of problems keeping it below 170, and today was one of those days when it went over 170, I started gasping. Sometimes I can hold it around there, sometimes I can’t, and today was definitely a “can’t” day.

Goal for next weekend? Ride both Saturday & Sunday, something I haven’t done since April … and somewhere along the line I need to try to squeeze in a short ride or two during the week after work. Diet changes seem to be working, though. 2 1/2 weeks, and I’m down 7.6 lbs (or if you believe my post-ride weigh-in, 10.4 lbs).