An Open Letter to KRCL (updated)

I was blocked from posting to KRCL’s Facebook wall, and all of my previous posts (including the link to the KRCL petition on have been deleted.

I can’t believe that KRCL’s response to dissension from their paying listeners who are fighting to save KRCL by engaging other listeners on Facebook is to block them and to delete all old posts and comments.

Real classy, KRCL.

That’s the kind of reaction I would expect from a commercial organization that expects everyone to just fall in line, like Clear Channel or the Deseret News, not from KRCL. Last time I checked, by paying my membership donations over the past several years, I was also paying for the right to voice my opinion and to encourage other paying members to do the same.

If you no longer want my membership, please feel free to cancel my ongoing pledges effective immediately, and to refund all previous donations from March 2012, when Vicki Mann was hired, to date.

The direction that the station has moved in the past few months is, in my opinion, nothing short of unethical and dishonest. I understand that while listenership is up, contributions are stagnant, or even down. I understand that changes need to be made in order to keep the station as a viable entity, but these changes should be done in concert with the opinions of the paying listenership, not in spite of them. I tried to involve the community by starting my petition, to make sure that the community had all the information I could find, and most of all, to do it fairly.

I did not encourage anyone to cancel their memberships or pledges; and I even made sure that my credit card information was up to date at the station so that my own pledges would continue to be fulfilled. I made a commitment to KRCL, and my integrity demanded that I follow through on that commitment.

However, the actions of KRCL, Vicki Mann & Ebay Jamil Hamilton fly in the face of community radio; nothing illustrates this better than the way they handled the community fund drive last week. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, during the final day of last week’s KRCL 90.9FM community fund drive, the station allowed Bad Brad Wheeler to what he does really well … picking music to play on the radio … and from what I underststand, the station had its biggest ever 4-hour take during his show; over $12,000.00.

Part of me really wanted to believe that the powers that be at the station were coming to their senses, and were going to allow the DJs to be the DJs; but when I tuned in yesterday and again today, the music I was hearing was not in line with those hopes. I feel, and other listeners I have spoken to feel that we got played, that this was a classic bait-and-switch by station management to suck our dollars out us, rather than a realization that we know what we want, and we’re willing to pay for it.

Instead, we are being treated to this kind of slimy underhandedness. We are being tacitly told “your opinions don’t matter, but please give us your money anyway.”

At this point, I must call for Vicki Mann and Ebay Jamil Hamilton to resign their positions at KRCL, and if they won’t resign, then I call for the Board of Directors to terminate their employment. We expect more from KRCL, and we are getting less.

If you agree with me, please let the station know how you feel by emailing KRCL management to let them know. If you disagree with me, please leave me comments on this post and I’ll close the petition and drop the issue if enough people shoot me down.

I am not satisfied with the mediocrity. I am not satisfied with the dishonesty. I no longer believe that the voice of the community really cares about community. The only thing that is important is the almighty dollar.