KRCL Shock and Horror

During the final day of last week’s KRCL 90.9FM community fund drive, the station allowed Bad Brad Wheeler to what he does really well … picking music to play on the radio … and from what I underststand, the station had its biggest ever 4-hour take during his show; over $12,000.00.

Part of me really wanted to believe that the powers that be at the station were coming to their senses, and were going to allow the DJs to be the DJs.

Listening to KRCL on my home from work this evening dashed my hopes. With tracks from Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie, REM, Camera Obscura and Best Coast all crossing my ears, all I could think was “we got played … and good.”

It’s all good music, but it’s not Bad Brad Wheeler music. It’s not the music that makes Brad’s show consistently the highest in fundraising. It’s not the music that convinced me to contribute $240 to KRCL each year.

I started thinking that there’s got to be more to the story, these changes can’t all be the work of one person, of just the general manager. There has to be a programming or music director involved as well, forcing the DJs to play certain music. So I checked the website to see who that might be.

Imagine my shock and surprise to find out that the Programming Director is Ebay Jamil Hamilton; the midday DJ who I didn’t get to listen to nearly enough (due to the nature of my job preventing listening to the radio), but whose show I always enjoyed for his ability to mix it up with different styles. It always seemed to be a perfect lead-in to the crunch that we expect and love so much from Bad Brad Wheeler.


The blame for the dumbing down of KRCL’s playlist is the responsibility of one of the DJs that we’ve been fighting to free?

Okay, fine … Ebay is no longer a victim of poor decisions; he’s a perpetrator of them … as such, I’ve added Ebay’s email address to the distribution list for the petition. Not only do we need to continue letting Vicki Mann and the rest of station management know about our displeasure, but we need to let Ebay know as well. His email address is

Wanna know why KRCL 90.9FM’s sounds like a computer is doing the programming to be as least mind-expanding as possible? It’s because a computer IS doing the programming.

Ebay Jamil Hamilton is using an application called “The Selector” to pick and schedule the music being played now … and if a computer is going to be picking the playlists, perhaps we should all pop for an unlimited Pandora One subscription (at an annual cost of $36) instead of continuing to give $200+ to a station that doesn’t listen to its supporters.

If you know anyone who hasn’t yet signed the petition, please pass the link on. If you haven’t added a reason why you signed the petition, please do so now.

Keep pushing the station to do the right thing. Keep fighting. And if and when they do, then show your appreciation by pledging and donating.

Remember, KRCL is OUR community radio station. We support it, we pay for it, we should get to listen to what we want to hear … and we want DJs with the freedom to pick their own playlists.

KRCL is supposed to be “all the radio you need”. KRCL is supposed to be “Radio Free Utah” … right now, it’s neither.

Let the station know, we STILL want our KRCL back.

Sign the petition