2012 Ride #8 (yep, only #8 … and first in 6 weeks)

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First ride in nearly 6 weeks … and oddly enough, it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it was going to. Oh, sure, my legs were tight and my heart rate spike, but I didn’t have any really terrible breathing episodes, and it felt good to be outside, despite the heat and despite feeling a little woozy while I was getting ready (which in the past few weeks would have made me say “forget it” and take a nap).

Haven’t seen all the specific numbers from the various tests my doctor had me do, but essentially, the heart is in good shape; night pulse oximetry does indicate that I may have sleep apnea (which would definitely explain the lack of energy). The one number I do know is my hematocrit level, which is 48.6% … I should be a cycling monster with a crit level that high. Of course, with my weight hovering around 217, it’s no wonder why I’m not.

What I need to do is lose some weight, and then reevaluate for the apnea … so what I really need to do bikewise is suck it up and go out for a ride anyway, even when I’m not really feeling like riding, like today, because it may turn out to be better than I expected, and because I’ll never lose the weight if I don’t get some consistency in.

Now to take a quick shower, go dig up something healthy to eat, and then laundry (oh joy!!).