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Why hasn’t Sheffield been riding?

Here’s what’s going on.

I know that I’m fat and out-of-shape, and have been for awhile, but I’ve been finding it much more difficult than usual to get out and ride this spring than usual, due to lack of energy, and even under mild exercise conditions like climbing a couple flights of stairs, I find I’m getting winded and have to catch my breath again.

To top it all off, the past couple of weeks, I’ve been hit with some fairly extreme fatigue … I’ve been able to power through the work days, but I’ve spent 2 of the past 3 weekends asleep far more than awake … along the lines of being awake for 2 hours, asleep for 6, awake for 4, asleep for 12.

After my dad’s cardiac “event” earlier this spring, this has been really concerning me, especially with the more recent addition of the extreme fatigue … i.e., it doesn’t JUST feel like I’m fat and out-of-shape, it feels like there’s something more going on.

So, yesterday I called and made an appointment to see my doctor today to do some tests beyond my normal 6 month check-up monitoring. Doc checked me over, and says that what he could determine in the office is not overly concerning at this time, but does definitely warrant some additional tests to make sure there’s nothing serious going on, and to establish firm baselines considering my age and family history, if nothing else.

So initial results from today:

EKG fairly normal, but heart rate is fairly rapid (115 bpm sitting, 97 resting). My HR has always been a little high, even when fit, but this is a little higher than my usual (about 100-105 standing, 85 resting).

Blood pressure much higher than usual (145/95 v. my more usual [and normal] 120/80-85), but this may be a stress related aberration, rather than indicative of something more serious. It definitely bears further monitoring, since this is an abnormal reading for me.

SpO2 (aka pulse ox, or the measure of oxygen saturation in the blood) about 94-95%, which is on the low-end of normal (95-99%).

Lungs sound clear resting; no asthma symptoms or other pulmonary deficiencies detectable when not under stress.

Blood drawn to be tested for anemia/thyroid/liver function.

Cardiac stress-echo test scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Night pulse oximetry test to measure SpO2 while sleeping TBD, to either rule out sleep apnea, or determine if a full sleep study is warranted.

Hopefully, the result of all this is that we’ll be able to figure out what’s going on, so I can develop a plan to get back on the bike and get back in shape without killing myself in the process.