UTCX: Make Flahute Ride!

Here’s the deal. People saw me on a CX bike this past weekend at the UTCX Cross Out Cancer event for the first time in at least 4 years.

The event was a success, but we want to raise more money.

For every $1000 raised before the start of the first race on Saturday 10/29/2011, I will squeeze my butt into my cycling gear and ride a lap at the UTCX Halloween race on Saturday.

Donate Now!

I don’t need to do a costume, because the sight of me in Lycra will be scary enough.

The plan would be to line up with the A/35+A riders … and I’d like to be forced to ride at least half as many laps as they do. On this past weekend’s course, they did 7 laps of a 2.3 mile course (about 9 minute lap times). The course this next weekend should be of similar length/time.

Since the winner this past weekend is 1/3 my age and 1/2 my weight, I figure half as many laps (3-4) is a decent goal.

So make Flahute ride … give, and give big. Donate Now!