2 states, 2 executions, only 1 in the news.

Lost in the Troy Davis news debacle tonight was the fact that another man was executed in Texas tonight. Lawrence Russell Brewer, one of three men convicted for the brutal murder of James Byrd, Jr., by dragging him for about 3 miles, including a mile or so after Byrd was decapitated when hit a culvert.

Troy Davis had a lot of doubt in his case regarding his actual; another person confessed to the crime; several witnesses recanted their stories, there is evidence of police withholding evidence from defense lawyers. There is a good chance that an innocent man was put to death tonight be the state of Georgia.

Lawrence Russell Brewer was pretty much dead to rights convicted of a brutal, brutal hate-crime murder … there is not a doubt at all that he participated in the killing of James Byrd, Jr.

Both men were killed tonight. Davis in Georgia, Brewer in Texas.

Neither man should have been killed. The death penalty is wrong, and it’s just as wrong for the truly guilty as it convicted as such, as it is for the innocent/not-guilty. Death is irrevocable … if you make a mistake, you can’t say “Oops” and bring the decedent back to life.

In other cases, the state can pay restitution … a lot of restitution, which is fair when someone is wrongfully convicted and spends many, many years behind bars … then is freed because of new evidence exonerating him.

The death penalty is state-sanctioned revenge murder, and nothing more. The death penalty needs to be outlawed nationwide … and same-sex marriage needs to be legalized! Replace a god-awful law sanctioning murder with another which sanctions love.

Then, maybe, just maybe, the US will get back on the right track.

But unfortunately, it will never actually happen … we as a nation are far too bloodthirsty to ever let common sense take over. Blood wins over brains everytime … every time.

But it doesn’t change one thing. The death penalty is wrong. Every time. No matter how serious the crime and how certain the courts and juries are … it is wrong to kill. Anyone, anytime. It. Is. Wrong. To. Kill.

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  1. One thing that is often lost on our public is the expense of execution. I do not have the numbers handy but an execution costs something like three times as much as letting someone spend the rest of their life in prison. Fiscal food for thought.

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