2011 Ride #28 (Sheffield Loop)

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After standing, sitting, and driving for much of the past 3 days, it actually felt really good to get out on the bike today and turn over my legs a few times. Managed to keep the heart rate down, too … avgHR was 144 bpm, and maxHR was only 163 bpm. For comparison’s sake, this past Sunday, on a flatter, shorter route, my avgHR was 162 bpm and maxHR was 180.

Tour of Utah Stage 3 time trial at Miller Motorsports Park later this afternoon. Looking forward to it. Looking forward to some food first though; I’ve had nothing to eat today, just a Mexi-Coke and a bottle of CarboRocket. Funny thing is that I’m not really hungry at all; but I know if I don’t eat something soon, I will be crashing hard in an hour or two.