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More evidence for Darwin

Tragic story, but why does this always seem to happen to people who trust in God to protect them instead of exercising common sense. I think that if there is a Supreme Being, it’s going to protect people against things beyond their control, but is not going to reward stupidity?

God (in whatever form) will take care of people who take care of themselves.


Three members of a church group visiting Yosemite climbed over a protective barrier to pose for a photo 25 feet before the drop off of Vernal Falls. One slipped and fell in the swollen river and the others also went in while trying to reach each other. They went over the 317-foot waterfall and are presumed dead. The group had apparently ignored the safety railing, several signs telling them not to get into the water and cries from other hikers at the top of the falls. So far this year six people have died in Yosemite’s rivers, which are running especially high with melting snow from the winter’s unusually heavy precipitation.

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