2011 Ride #20 (Sheffield Loop)

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Despite my heavy legs, I felt pretty good on the bike today. Tired but pretty strong (albeit, still not fast). Then at the stoplight after descending past the Old Mill, my chain started to drop to the outside, and bent the hell out of my front derailleur cage. My ride went from pretty good to instant suck. Managed to get everything back into shape enough so that I could actually ride home, but the derailleur is toast. The other bikes all have clamp-on front derailleurs, whereas the Sachs has a braze-on front derailleur, so I can’t even cannibalize another bike to replace it. So now I’m in hunt and beg mode to see if anyone I know has a used one stashed away in a box, because I’d like to be able to get the derailleur replaced before the long 4th of July weekend, and I’m broke enough that paying retail for a NEW derailleur isn’t really an option right now.

Grumble grumble bitch whine moan.