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2011 Ride #13

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In honor of both the Giro and Tour of California mountain stages today, I decided to go out and climb a couple mountains … I thought that Little Mountain to Big Mountain and back to Little Mountain sounded good. Then, in honor of the UCI’s decision to skip one of the Giro climbs, I decided to eliminate one of the planned climbs (Big Mountain) before I started my ride, and because of the Giro organizer’s mid-stage decision to eliminate another climb, I decided to skip the second climb of Little Mountain.

In other words, I did my normal, relatively weekly ride up Emigration Canyon, with a side trip to Sugarhouse Park to watch the crits … I actually felt really good (for me, anyway) on the bike today … set a personal record up Emigration (although my “records” are really nothing to brag about); the best part is that once I started the climb proper my heart rate didn’t spike and my lungs didn’t blow forcing me to stop for a rest until just a little bit before Sun & Moon Cafe.

Climbing for me is always about setting little goals; just let me get to the next bend, to the next sign, to the next whole mile on my trip odometer, etc.

Of course, I still struggled on the switchbacks when the pitch steepens, but little goals.

After dropping back down the canyon, I rolled over to Sugarhouse Park in time to catch the end of the 45/55 race, the 3s, and what there was of the Pro-1-2 race. Someone’s daughter (I think it was Eric Flynn’s girl) ran out into the middle of the road as the Pro-1-2 pack was coming up the finishing hill on one of the early laps and got hit and knocked down by one of the riders in the main pack. I don’t think that any riders went down, and from what it seems, it looked a lot worse than it actually was. The little girl got a bloodied face, and I think hit her head on the pavement opening up a wound, but she was conscious and crying loudly for her parents.

One of the nice things about cycling, especially in Utah, is that a lot of us are doctors, so she had medical care instantly. Just to make sure everything is okay, she was taken to hospital by ambulance, but from everything I’ve ever heard, when an injured child is making lots of noise, it’s a good sign.

Of course, any time something like that happens in a race, it tends to take the steam out of all the riders, so after conferring with the riders and the officials, the race was called. Good decision by all, I think … and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that I hope the injured girl’s injuries really are fairly minor.