Crusher in the Tushar

Burke Swindlehurst’s new event, the Crusher in the Tushar, will be having its inaugural running this summer on July 16.

Crusher in the TusharThe 79 mile course starts in quiet downtown Beaver, Utah and finishes at Utah’s newest ski resort, Eagle Point, and will feature a nearly perfect 50/50 split between pavement and dirt fire-road sectors, allowing riders to explore the stunning back country of Utah’s little-known Tushar Mountains and Fishlake National Forest. The course also features a total of over 12,000 vertical feet of climbing, including Utah’s highest road (elevation 11,500′) over Mount Belknap, while the summit finish at Eagle Point will be at a “mere” 10,300′. Also prominently featured will be an 18-mile, 5,500′ off-road descent from the KOM/QOM point to the town of Marysvale (elevation 6000′).

Billed as a “roadirt”, riders can choose any bike they wish, but choose wisely, because it’s the only the bike you’ll get to ride during the event.

This event will truly be a crusher for anyone crazy enough to enter it … and I’m sure that everyone who finishes will be asking when they can sign up for the 2012 edition.

325 starts available. Registration opens on Monday, April 18 at 7:00pm Mountain Time (9:00pm Eastern). If the pre-event chatter I’ve been hearing is any indication, this event may rival the Park City Point-to-Point for speed of sell-outs (300+ riders in under 6 minutes).

So get on it, and if all goes well, I’ll see you there … at the start and finish lines.

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  1. A light carbon hardtail 29er sounds like the ticket. So happy to see T-Bird bring this thing to life. I remember him first telling me about the vision of this race years ago when he lived in Woodland. We did some Crushers back then while training for Boulder to Breck.

    1. Based on the course description, I’d think monstercross … more CX geometry, but with the clearance for 29er tires; or at the very least, a 29er with drop bars. But what do I know? Pure speculation based on the course description. It’s going to be epic, no matter …

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