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Interesting new scam

Okay, this is a new one … I got a call from “0001234567”, which of course I didn’t answer. Googled the “phone number”, and it appears that it’s either a Skype node, or spoofed caller-ID (which makes sense) to enable robodialers to get to numbers that block anonymous calls.

I don’t answer any phone calls from a number I don’t recognize, so the call rolled to voicemail … leaving a computer generated message telling me that my Windows Vista system was infected and to go to to repair the problem.

Since I’ve never gotten a phone call virus alert, I had to check it out. The aforementioned site did a “security scan”, “repaired” my Windows system and took me to a checkout page to pay for my “instant repair”.

Of course, since I use Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux, I knew this was a scam from the get-go, just like emails that I get advertising the same thing … but still, scammers are now robo-dialing virus alerts?

Oy vey.