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2011 Ride #3

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More than doubled my total mileage for the year (thus far) today, and first attempt at Emigration Canyon for the season … and boy, do I suck. I had a number of people stop to ask if I was okay, or if I needed anything as I was gasping for air and trying to get my heart rate back below 180 … and apparently this happened enough times that it actually took me an hour and 20 minutes from the base of Emigration to the summit of Little Mountain (including rest periods); 55:13 moving time … but, considering it’s the middle of February; and that it’s only my third ride of the year, I’m proud of myself for gutting it out and I can now start figure out goals.

First goal, moving time on the climb under 45 minutes, and total time under an hour.

Second goal, all the way to the summit of Little Mountain without having to stop and recover for a few minutes.

Third goal, getting over my sketchiness of descending the switchbacks … I never really feel like I can open it up on the descent until after I get past the lower switchback at Pinecrest.

It was an absolutely beautiful day out, but it was cooooooolllllddddd on the descent. Brrrr. Overdressed for the climb, underdressed for the descent … story of my life, I think.

Sounds like a plan.

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  1. just realized your a couple blocks away from our new place. let me know if you want company on your next weez-a-thon up emigration. i can weez like the best.

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