It’s a good thing the Utah Cyclocross Series isn’t sanctioned, or we’d be fucked too … nothing like taking an obscure rule that no one knows about and which has never been enforced and then stating that not only is it going to be enforced next season, but oh, because you didn’t get approval in 2009, you can’t have your series in 2011.


Word came in early this evening that the VERGE New England Cyclocross Championship Series and the North American Cyclocross Trophy Series (NACT) would be “banned” for the 2011 season. Other series around North America similarly face an uncertain future based on a little known rule put in place by the UCI and USA Cycling. NECCS director and all around cyclocross wizard Adam Myerson sheds some light on the situation.

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Code 1.2.026 retroactively enforced for 2010-2011 season

The North American Cyclo-cross Trophy Series (NACT) and the Verge New England Championships Cyclo-cross Series (NECCS) are facing suspension for not following an obscure and previously unenforced International Cycling Union (UCI) rule.

Adam Myerson, the NECCS promoter and former member of the UCI Cross Commission, and Brook Watts, the promoter of Cross Vegas and race director for the NACT series this year, were caught by surprise by the ruling. The rule (1.2.026) requires each series to apply for UCI inscription, but was housed in the general rules of cycling and not in the cyclo-cross specific document, and to their knowledge has never before been enforced.

“Kelli Lusk of USA Cycling informed us yesterday as soon as she got the notice from Peter Van den Abeele [the UCI’s Cyclo-cross Technical Director -ed.] by email,” Myerson said. “I was given one sentence that said these series were banned. They said they would make an exception and allow the individual races to continue but the series were banned.”

With the compromise, the ten races in the NECCS series, those in Green Mountain, New Gloucester, Northampton, Sterling and Warwick as well as the NACT races in Washington, Gloucester and Boulder can continue, but it leaves the USGP as the sole remaining national series consisting of UCI races.

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