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Once again, it’s that time of year … time to sit back and reflect on all that I am thankful for.

  1. I continue to rediscover my love for the bicycle, and while my mileage still isn’t where it was several years ago, I was on track to match (and likely surpass) my 2009 mileage, and am looking forward to spending some quality time on the bike over the Christmas holiday in Arizona.
  2. I still have a good job, which I still generally find satisfying, even with the ups and downs inherent in any work situation.
  3. The Trooper died, but I was able to get a replacement … something much nicer (without being extravagant) and definitely something more reliable.
  4. Another season on the slopes at Solitude began today; and while I had a clothing hang-up on the chairlift (requiring assistance to get down, how embarrassing!), then caught an edge and almost crashed, then buried a tip and crashed, post-holing on my face, I wasn’t hurt, and was able to laugh about it with my companions.
  5. And yet again, last but certainly not least, I have many good friends, both old and new, who all seem to genuinely care in one way or another.

Thank you Mom & Ralph, Ben & Doris, Geraly & D.J., Art & Rachel, Richard, Matt, Melissa & the crew at Revolution, Scottie, Carol, Shauna, Sly, Kirsty, Jennie & Joel, Darrell & Theresa, Marit, Dayna, Heather & Gigi (both of whose constant smiles remind me that life is to be enjoyed), Marek, Steve & Amy, Ali, Christine, Jason, Brian and pretty much everyone else with whom I’ve spent quality time over the past months and years.

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