Clammy Chamois ‘Cross

You know you don’t really want a week off between cross races … you’d have to do stuff like CHORES! or spending time with the FAMILY? It’s time to get the chamois clammy … it’s time to roll in the mud and sand and dirt and grass and snow. It’s time for Clammy Chamois!

For more details, check out the Clammy Chamois Cross blog/website at … and the absolute best part? I’m not officiating (under semi non-mysterious circumstances).

Oh wait, it’s in Utah County?

Will there be beer? There have been rumors on the down low, but no guarantees! It’s supposed to be a great course, at Art Dye Park (on E 550 North approximate 1000 North … see map below) so check it out anyway. It’s nice to see some other enthusiasts picking up the promoter mantle, and who knows … maybe someday there will be competing series like there are in other states, where the competition between the two series makes everything that much better.

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Go … have fun … it’s what it’s all about … even without beer. I know it can be done. (although I’d prefer it not be).


    1. I haven’t been on a bike since I broke my arm at the end of September, so “racing” is not going to happen. But I’ll likely roll down there with a camera and cowbells, and heckle the riders.

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