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The real bad guy …

Ever since Vail Daily reporter Randy Wyrick wrote about a pending criminal matter in Eagle County, Colorado, the cycling community – indeed much of the country – has been abuzz with allegations of special treatment being afforded an apparently wealthy defendant.

For those who have not seen it, Wyrick’s story alerted his community to the fact that Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert had negotiated a plea deal with an alleged hit-and-run driver for reasons that, at least on their face, seem to run counter to every principle of equal justice.

via The Explainer: Is having a Mercedes an affirmative defense? – VeloNews.

Glad to see this is still getting traction in the press, even if the victim in the case is surprised at how much exposure it is getting.

Despite working for the same firm as the defendant, it’s flat out wrong to not pursue felony charges against someone because it might have a negative impact on their job.

But the real bad guy in this story is NOT the hit-and-run driver, but the District Attorney who refuses to pursue felony charges against a wealthy defendant in a case that caused serious physical injury to the victim, but does pursue felony charges against two women who swapped a race entry to Leadville.

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