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UTCX #4 (The Rematch)

Every once in awhile, Bart Gillespie (Revolution-Peak Fasteners) has a bit of bad luck … and when he does, you can count on Jason Sager (Jamis Factory Team) to capitalize on it … in this case, from what I understand, Bart had a low tire on his A bike, and some mechanical issues on his B bike after a bike change. Sager got a gap on chaser Kevin Hulick (Biker’s Edge) while Bart dealt with his mechanical issues before rejoining Hulick in the chase. On the last lap, Bart put in an attack, gapped Hulick and finished with a strong 2nd place.

From seeing how strong both Sager and Bart were this past Saturday, I don’t think that Bart win #4 would have been guaranteed had Bart not had any mechanicals. I’m looking forward to the next go-round between the two riders … and Kevin Hulick is definitely looking like a contender, and might actually be a spoiler at some point this season. Definitely a rider to watch.