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A Letter to a Lost Love

My dearest Sleep —

Fuck you and the horse on which you rode into my life … and right back out of my life. I asked you nicely, and you just laughed in my face.

You know how much I care about you … why must you be so elusive, playing hard to get? Why must you treat me so cruelly? I promised that if you gave me a chance, I would do everything in my power to show that I am worthy of your embrace.

I don’t really need you. I’ve been surviving for a very long time without you, and will continue to do so if necessary. I’m tired of bring your plaything, of being teased into thinking that our relationship might actually go somewhere, only for you to snatch it away at the last second, much like Lucy with Charlie Brown’s football.

Unlike Mr. Brown, I know that sometimes it’s better to just cut all ties and walk away … and so, this is what I find myself doing.

Oh, I’m sure you’ll try to sneak back in every once in awhile, and in moments of weakness I may succumb to your pleasures, but it will be a meaningless tryst … purely physical.

It’s your own fault for abandoning me when I needed you most. Sleep, thou art a cruel mistress …