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Censored on Craigslist

On Salt Lake City’s Craigslist (http://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/cas/2000989826.html), until it was flagged for removal:

Dirty Boys & Girls seek same (18+), All Along the Wasatch Front

Do you enjoy getting down and dirty with something rigid between your legs?

Is the nastier it is the better it is?

Do full-body skintight garments get your juices flowing?

Do more gear inches turn you on?

If so, then cyclocross may be the best fetish you’ve never experienced … until now.

Check it out at www dot utcx dot net

C’mon out … we’d love to have you.

Guess somebody feels that cyclocross is too much action, even for the Casual Encounters section …

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  1. wow i that sad.. the censoring part that is.

  2. OMG, now this is funny.

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