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UTCX #2 (I Love Cyclocross)

Another Sam Ray video, this time of the Elite Men’s race at UTCX #2 at the Weber County Fairgrounds in Ogden, Utah. Weather conditions were certainly a touch more ‘cross-like, with cool temperatures throughout the entire day, and the midweek rains providing enough moisture to keep the dust down, and perfect tacky conditions.

It looked like it was going to be another Bart Gillespie (Revolution-Peak Fasteners) ‘Cross Clinic, but seasoned mountain bike and cyclocross pro Jason Sager (Jamis Factory Team) launched a late attack from the chase to bridge the gap and join Bart on the front for the final few laps, giving the spectators a race to enjoy. With about a quarter lap to go, Bart re-opened the gap to Sager and took the win by about 10 bike lengths.

Bryce Young (Simply Mac-Bingham’s) couldn’t quite clear one of the barrier/log sections early in the race, crashed and appeared to have broken his collarbone. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery, and that he’s back on the bike soon … it’s a tough thing not being able to ride this time of year, as I’m discovering while recovering from my own recent crash and consequent broken arm.

2 Comments on "UTCX #2 (I Love Cyclocross)"

  1. The Jason and Bart show might have been more exciting but Jason got caught in traffic in the chicanes. Jason went on the back straight going north, Bart Countered, and was able to keep traffic in between em.

  2. Did anyone figure out what happened? I was standing there and saw his wheel taco, but I couldn’t tell if that caused him to fall or if he landed wrong and taco’ed the wheel in the process of falling. Either way it hurt to watch and I hope he recovers well.

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