2010 Ride #34

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Air is thick and heavy and gross today … I could barely breathe as I walked out the front door of my apartment. Had to hit the inhaler hard a couple of times so I could breathe at all, but as usual the albuterol causes my heart rate to go about 10bps; making it that much more difficult to push and breathe.

20th East up to the zoo, then Wasatch to the bike path over Parley’s, then 33rd South to 27th East and back home. Not a great ride, and very slow today. I really want a burrito, but I’m going to refrain until I get my weight back under 90 kilos. It’s good to have goals.


  1. I used to live in that area. I miss it a lot. I also remember the winter time temperature inversions. Don’t miss those. Take care of those lungs! Best wishes to you.


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