2010 Ride #32 (Chasing “Time”)

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It was definitely a semi Emi day today … felt okay for not being on the bike for 2 weeks, but was definitely feeling it in my legs and lungs.

Saw a friend and her husband (at least, I’m pretty sure it was them, unless there’s another Indy Fab clad couple in SLC) dropping Emi just as I was climbing up to Ruth’s. Turned around and tried to give chase, but they had enough of a head start on me that I never caught up.

Along Wasatch to Parley’s, then dropped 33rd South to 27th East to wind through the Millcreek neighborhoods on my way home. Now then, shower #2 for the day, then get ready to go to brunch.

On another note, MT has been recommending coconut water as a hydration/recovery drink … Picked up a few boxes of Vita Coco in a few different flavors, and she’s right. It’s fantastic; I especially like the coconut water with pineapple; haven’t tried the pomegranate/açai berry blend yet, but I’m sure it will be tasty as well.