2010 Ride #30

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Rode south into Draper, then cut below the prison in Bluffdale before heading back north through Riverton, South Jordan, West Jordan, and Taylorsville with Scottie from Bottleneck Wines & Spirits today … an easy ride for him, a hard ride for me (and definitely made a little harder by riding with someone else).

Wound our way southwards on Fort Street in the middle of the Draper Days parade and got lots of honks from the truck/float honoring Bunny Bradley, who was tragically killed earlier this past week while riding her bike.

Hopefully the honks were of the “yeah, cyclists!” type, rather than the “get the fuck out of the way” type.

Felt really good on the way south, and a decent chunk of the way back north on 1300 West, but then my legs started locking up, and my heart rate kept spiking up on the false flats. Had to stop and recuperate for a bit when we got back to State Street and 5400 South to get my heart rate back down into a more normal range.

On the bright side, I lost 6 pounds in 3.5 hours today. On the downside, I’ll likely put almost all of that back on as I rehydrate. It is HOT (and muggy, by Utah standards) today …