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Called in sick to work this morning. Woke up feeling like crap, and my guts were in turmoil. Thought it might have been food poisoning of some sort., but felt MUCH better late this afternoon, and thought I’d go for a short ride, just to spin out my legs. Felt pretty good on the bike, considering.

On Walker Lane, off of Highland on my way home, there was some road construction going on, so I got held up by the sign guy. When he finally let me (and the cars beside me) through, I took off to get through the construction area as quickly as possible when WHAM, hit a rock (or something) in the road and blew out my rear tire; nice quarter-inch cut in the sidewall. This was essentially a brand-new Vittoria Corsa CX, too, with only 50 miles or so on it.

So bad karma? Despite feeling better, should I have stayed at home on the couch watching movies and/or the Tour? Oh well. I am now down to my very last spare tire, though, so I need to find a good, relatively inexpensive source.