2010 Ride #26

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Emigration to Little Mountain summit. Legs felt good, lungs felt okay, but did have to hit the asthma inhaler a couple of times. The chip seal in Emigration Canyon is a little rough, but not nearly as bad as I’ve seen elsewhere.

It was bad enough that I apparently vibrated my spare sew-up out from under my saddle, however, which really sucked since I flatted my rear tire towards the bottom of the descent of Emigration (I think … discovered that I was really low when I stopped to attempt to refill bottles at the water fountain at Bonneville Golf Course) and had to limp home with about 40-50 psi.

Speaking of water fountains … has the City decided not to turn any of them on this year? The water fountain at the dog park at the bottom of Emigration wasn’t running, nor was the fountain at the golf course, and the last couple of times I’ve checked, the Christine Brimley memorial water fountain at bottom of Foothill by the bike path across Parley’s isn’t on either … what gives? Is the city so hard up financially that they can’t afford the water bill?