2010 Ride #23

Screwed up the GPS today; so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Down Holladay Blvd. to Cotton Bottom, then up past the Old Mill to Porcupine. South on Wasatch to Danish Road; Danish to Bengal Blvd. to 27th East, back to Porcupine on Fort Union, then dropped back down past the Old Mill into Cotton Bottom and up Holladay Blvd home. About 17 miles, and it took way too long.

I’ve really got to figure out how to motivate my ass out on the bike during the week … it’s been 2 weeks since I was last on the bike, and I felt it.

I don’t know what it is about summer, but it kills me … and I can’t even blame it on the heat this year, since we’ve barely broken above 80 degrees so far.

3 replies on “2010 Ride #23”

  1. I’d suggest making it a point to jump on your bike as soon as you get home. Then you’re free to sit on the couch and open a well deserved beer. No ride = no beer.

  2. Took some family from England up little mt. today. Thought we would run into you for sure. It’s good you got out. It was a really nice day.

  3. nope, no good.
    i only read your blog to look at the pictures. i had to actually read this post…..no good…:(

    please make a lame attempt at drawing your route with crayons or on windows paint program.

    your reader

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