Cav’s crash

Mark Cavendish has been catching a lot of heat for causing the crash in Tuesday’s stage at the Tour of Switzerland, but when you watch the video of the crash, it’s really not that clear.

I see Cavendish throwing his bike left to right as he is accelerating, but he is still holding his line at that point; he does drift over in front of Gerald Ciolek, which could be seen as deviating from his line, but Heinrich Haussler came over just as much. To be honest, in my eyes, Haussler caused the crash by keeping his head down instead of watching where he was going and cutting over and into Cavendish.

Of course, Cavendish’s post-crash actions certainly aren’t professional, especially spitting on the ground at riders who are complaining, but he is taking a disproportionate amount of heat for causing the crash. Haussler is easily just as much to blame, if not more so.

I just hope the Manx Missile doesn’t lose too much of his form, because I’m really looking forward to seeing him dice it up in the Tour de France in a couple more weeks.