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TMAC Memorial Crit

Looking forward to seeing more info being posted about this; not only because it’s practically in my back yard (you know, if I had a back yard), but for whom it’s honoring.

1st Annual Terry McGinnis Memorial Criterium

I wonder where exactly the course will be … I hope it’s the triangle formed by 45th South, 23rd East and Holladay Blvd, essentially with the finish line in front of City Hall. I hope it’s not shunted over to Cottonwood Mall where it would be just another parking lot criterium.

I mean really … how cool would this be, especially since down at the southern point, Phylden street goes through (where Barbacoa used to be), so it wouldn’t be quite as tight a turn to come back up Holladay Blvd.

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I bet it would be incredible for shooting photos.