Emigration Canyon Road Work

Email received today:

Two sections of Emigration Canyon are being chip sealed, starting today.

Mon June 7 – Tues June 8, Pinecrest to SR65 (East Canyon road) will be worked on. So, it’s ok to ride to the junction of Emigration and Pinecrest today and tomorrow. There may be increased traffic in the canyon.

On Wed., the area from the SLC/SLCo border (by the Donner Party sign) to just above Ruth’s will be done.

On Thurs and Friday, they will be sweeping, and on Sunday (June 13), there will be a final fog seal applied.

Thurs – Sat, there will be reduced speed limits to 15 mph in areas of the chip sealing in the canyon. The Canyon will be open, but there may be increased gravel on the road and conditions will not be ideal. It is recommended to stay clear of the canyon.

The chip sealing process that is being used by SLCo is much improved over older methods. Less gravel is applied, and the surface is smoother than previous methods.

From the County: Bikes are not recommended during the week of construction.

I certainly hope that the new method is better. Emigration Canyon is in good shape up to the Pinecrest junction, but the upper portion on the switchbacks suck … and not just because of chip seal.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate chip seal? I tend not to wear gloves when I’m riding, but the vibration coming up through the bars on chip seal roads really makes me want to rethink that decision; I wish more roads would be resurfaced with nice, smooth asphalt, but I guess that’s too expensive … but on a route that is as popular with cyclists as Emigration, normal chip seal is a nightmare.

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