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June 2010

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Another thought

I posted this for someone else, but now I’m reposting it for me … because, sometimes I need the reminder, too: Life is an endless journey, like a broad highway that extends infinitely into the…

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A thought to ponder

Here’s a question to ponder: when you’re in your 40s, but you’d still like to be a parent someday, do you think it would be better to: a) date someone relatively close to your same…

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2010 Ride #26

View Ascent activity on 27-Jun-10 at 10:19AM in a larger map Emigration to Little Mountain summit. Legs felt good, lungs felt okay, but did have to hit the asthma inhaler a couple of times. The…

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Poetry Friday

NUMBNESS I have not felt a thing for weeks. But getting up and going to work on time I did what needed to be done, then rushed home. And even the main streets, those ancient…

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2010 Rides #24/25

Morning commute: View Ascent activity on 22-Jun-10 at 07:20AM in a larger map Evening commute: View Ascent activity on 22-Jun-10 at 05:24PM in a larger map Ugh. Headwind the whole way home. That hurt. I…

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2010 Ride #23

Screwed up the GPS today; so you’ll have to take my word for it. Down Holladay Blvd. to Cotton Bottom, then up past the Old Mill to Porcupine. South on Wasatch to Danish Road; Danish…